In January of 1998, my parents decided to install a massive satellite dish on the roof of our house in Jakarta. Being a novel gadget to have in my neighbourhood at that time, naturally there were many technical issues involved and one of them was the fact that we had a very unstable satellite reception. 

As a curious 11 year-old, excited at the prospect of being able to watch foreign cartoons with the help of this awesome technology, I sat down in front of the screen at 6 AM with a bowl of cereal and flipped impatiently through the channels until it got to the only one with a clear reception. It was a western sports channel that showed a bunch of giant men running around with helmets on with what seems to be a brief concert in between that had amazing music and long stretches of commercials. 

This spectacle turned out to be a live airing of halftime at Super Bowl XXXII, and the long stretches of ads in between Boyz II Men & Smokey Robinson's 'Salute to Motown's 40th Anniversary' performance forever changed my life and firmly cemented the belief that I am destined to join the advertising industry with an eternal soft-spot for The Temptations.

I currently specialize in paid and organic search marketing, digital project management, and digital communications with a strong background in utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite, ranging from Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. HTML & CSS knowledge also runs deep through my veins, coupled with an unbridled passion for social media and mobile technology in its many incarnations both in my personal and professional life.

Aside from the technical nitty-gritty, my zealous interests also lie in backcountry snowboarding, camping, hiking, photography and culinary exploration.

Also, cats.